Matrix display

LED matrix display


A matrix display with ultra bright SMD-LED’s. This display is operated by our VCC Software and can display everything your projects needs. This display can be seperated into different areas e.g. the right half into displaying informations and the left right as a background ligthing.


This display is our most flexible in our portfolio. Only small adjustments to the configuration is need to adapt the display to new tasks.

Due to the software you are able to display everything from residual space over symbols up toflowing texts.

Installation and kit

Multiple matrix displays can be combined with our simple to use rail system. To supply the display you need 230V AC and RS485 connection.

The housing is made out of thick alumium and is powder coated in black.

More Components

Direction arrow - to navigate and control the traffic

Residual space display - for a quick overview over vacant parking spaces

Single space detection

A single space detection offers maximum flexibility. Sensors above the parking lots detect the current parking situation – occupied or not.

Car Counting

The in- and outgoing vehicles are getting detected and therefore the availability of parking spots gets determinate.