The directional detector - counting vehicle directionally


Directional detectors are mounted above the driving lane and count vehicles via ultrasonic. They also detect the driving direction and ignore smaller objects like people.

CUR directional detectors are a reasonable complement to the single space detection and are great alternative to conventionel induction loops.


Directional detectors are an inexpensive option to detect your occupancy rate via vehicle counting. They also allow to detect in areas that might not be set proper for single space sensors, like the upper decks of car parks.

installation and kit

The CUR directional detector is made of an robust stainless steel body and due to the easy calibration it is quick to install.

To install you only need a 230V AC power supply as well as a cable for the data connection. This data connection can be realized with conventional phone cable ( J-YY 2x2x08 ).

Optional the detector is available with a integrated heater, if the area has a really low temperatur.


The data concentrator - manage and display counting-areas


The DC300 is the main unit for the vehicle counting. It contains multiple counter, ready to be connected with directional detectors or other devices like induction loops. The data concentrator collects all informations and distribute them to the connected displays.


In combination with our directional detector it is an inexpensive alternative to detect the residual spaces. It can be used standalone without our parking guidance server and software. If the components are managed by our server and software, even during a power loss of those, the DC300 is capable of running the system on it’s own.

Installation and kit

The data concentrator can be used as an unviersal counting device. A integrated interface to manage and calibrate the connected components is always preinstalled.

With one of our many expendable features, we can always adapt to every situation is needed in your project.


USDS300 - for directionally counting

DC300 - interface for counting detectors

LED display

The LED display visualizes the residual space situation in the car park.

Visual Control Center

The Visual Control Center is the core of the parking guidance system. By means of the Control Center, you can block parking areas and lead arriving cars to available parking spaces.