Direction arrow

LED Direction arrow


This display is controlled by RS485 and or the integrated potential-free contacts. Like all of our displays we integrated a brightness-sensor in this display too.

Therefore driver won’t get blinded during the nightime and even if the sunlight shine’s directly onto the display, it is still easily readable.


The LED arrow takes care of leading the driver quick to the next free parking spot. Therefore the whole process of parking is less stressful and the possibility of creating a traffic jam will be avoided.

Installation and kit

Our displays are made in several housings for indoor and outdoor purposes, out of robust powder coated aluminium.

All of our LED’s and housing are customizable to your project needs.

Product information

Our product information as PDF

More Components

Matrix displays - for the highest flexibility

Individual text displays - to show the current parking situation

Single space detection

A single space detection offers maximum flexibility. Sensors above the parking lots detect the current parking situation – occupied or not.

Car Counting

The in- and outgoing vehicles are getting detected and therefore the availability of parking spots gets determinate.