The single space sensor - base of exact detection


Single space parking sensors will be mounted on every single parking spot and will show the status of the spot with their easily noticable colored LED’s. They can either be mounted centered above the parking space or next to the driving lane and surveill the parking spot with ultrasonic-technology.

Due to the use of different colored LED’s, the parking spot is easy to identify. Commonwise a vacant parking spot is marked green, charging stations for electric vehicles are marked white, special needs parking spots like handicapped and family/women are marked blue and pink. Occupied and reserved spots are showen as red.


If you want the system to be more individual, you can switch between many different colors. There are many other features like e.g. sensors who are blinking and switching colors to guide drivers to reserved spots.


A big advantage of the single space monitoring is that there is no adding of fail detections. Therefore your occupancy rate is always up to date with the exact amount. With our single space sensors you can improve the guidance of your traffic and increase the accuracy of the statistics. Our LED arrow display and the residual space display can lead the way to the next free parking spot precisely.

Installation and kit

The CUR single space sensor is made of an two-part housing and high quality spring clamps for a fast and safe installation. The sensors are maintenance-free and got an detection rate up to almost 100 percent.

If you choose to use the sensors wich is installed next to the drivers lane, you don’t even need to mount a seperate signalisation. This is only needed if the structure of your ceiling is blocking the visibility of the sensors.

The zonecontroller - single space monitoring made easy


The zonecontroller manages the single space sensors and allows the data transfer to the parking control center. In addition the controller can control connected LED displays.


The zonecontroller is a cost saving alternative for smaller parking decks (up to 96 single space sensors) without our Visual Control Center software. It operates stand alone and automaticly takes care of the decentralized control if the connection to the parking guidance server is interrupted.

Installation and kit

It can be ordered as a seperate unit or already installed into a cabine. A integrated interface to manage and calibrate the connected components is always preinstalled.

With our zonecontroller you have the option to connect up to 96 single space sensors, as well as 3 residual space displays and 3 arrow displays. If you choose to use our Visual Control Center software, you are able to connect more zonecontrollers to the system. In this case we recommend to connect all the LED displays directly to the park guidance server via serial data BUS to operate them.


USS350d - installed centered above the parking space

USS350e - installed next to the driving lane

ZK300 - interface for all single space sensors and displays

USS350PK - used to count via potential-free contacts

LED display

The LED display visualizes the residual space situation in the car park.

Parking control center

The Visual Control Center is the core of the parking guidance system. By means of the Control Center, you can block parking areas and lead arriving cars to available parking spaces.