USS350PK single space sensor

USS350PK Single space sensor


The sensor uses ultrasonic to measure the distance between itself and either the vehicle or the floor. The results of these measurements are sent via potential free contacts.


Due to the use of potential-free contacts, this sensors is especially suitable to be integrated into other parking guidance systems.

Like all our products, the installation is very simple and safes time and costs.

Installation and kit

The sensor is suitable for exposed or rail mounting. It is connected using a four cone cable (J-YY 2x2x08mm). Two cones for the power supply and two cones for the communication.

There are many LED colors available, to display for example handicapped spaces (blue) and or eCar charging spaces (white).

Product information

Our product information as PDF

More Components

USS350d - installed centered above the parking space

ZK300 - interface for all single space sensors and displays

LED Displays

The LED display visualizes the residual space situation in the car park..

Parking control center

The Visual Control Center is the core of the parking guidance system. By means of the Control Center, you can block parking areas and lead arriving cars to available parking spaces.