Intelligent control by the CUR Visual Control Center – The CUR Visual Control Center collects all data of the parking guidance system. It communicates with the parking guidance components inside and outside the car park.

By the way: The VCC software can be integrated easily in the existing IT infrastructure and communicates seamlessly with third-party systems and components.

By means of VCC, every parking situation can be controlled flexibly:

genauer-ueberblickCreated with Sketch.

precise overview about the current occupancy situation

eingriffCreated with Sketch.

time- or event-controlled interventions in the guidance system

watchCreated with Sketch.

monitoring of the components

bedienungCreated with Sketch.

controlling the occupancy rate

A complete overview …

In addition, a statistical analysis allows predictions of future trends and their implications, e.g. for events and other traffic concentrations.

The user interface clearly shows

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Access roads, parking floors and lots

parksensorCreated with Sketch.

Signs, residual space displays and traffic lights

carsensorCreated with Sketch.

Parking sensors with current state colors

monitorCreated with Sketch.

current occupancy rates

… and everything under control

This way, the parking situation can be recognized at a glance and can be controlled immediately. And this is also possible from outside: VCC can be accessed, monitored and controlled online by authorized persons from anywhere in the world. The client applications for this can be used on Windows desktops and mobile devices.

VCC is ready to work with Smart Parking and Smart City applications: Visitors are then able to check the parking situation by their mobile devices – simply by using their Internet browser without any installation procedure.

Single space detection

A single space detection offers maximum flexibility. Sensors above the parking lots detect the current parking situation – occupied or not.

Car Counting

The in- and outgoing vehicles are getting detected and therefore the availability of parking spots gets determinate.