ZM30A residual space display

LED Residual space display


The LED-display informs about the free spaces in a parking garage. After reception of the display data on the RS485 Interface.


The easy assembly next to the usage of conventionel cables are reducing the effort of installation. Besides that you have the option to order all components preconfigured. Our products posses many extendable features wich allow us to adapt exactly to your project.

Installation and kit

Only a power supply of 230V AC and the wiring for the data communication are required to run the displays. Wich can be provided wich conventionel cable (J-YY 2x2x08mm).

The robust housing is made of powder coated aluminium. And is usuable indoor and outdoor, due to protection class IP20, IP43 and IP54.

Our displays are available in many different letter heights.

Product information

Our product information as PDF

More Components

Matrix displays - for the highest flexibility

Sign display - as information for special parking spots

Single space detection

A single space detection offers maximum flexibility. Sensors above the parking lots detect the current parking situation – occupied or not.

Car Counting

The in- and outgoing vehicles are getting detected and therefore the availability of parking spots gets determinate.