Fort Neipperg, Luxembourg

Year: 2019
Parking space: 600

Fort Neipperg official opening article

A new parking guidance system is going to optimize the parking situation in newly build and already existing parking decks.

Especially the fast availability of parking spaces in metropolitan areas like the center of Luxembourg is crucial. A parking guidance system ensures and improves the search for parking spaces and prevents traffic jams.

Guiding vehicles as fast as possible to the spot

The ability to control the flow of traffic makes it possible to shorten the time needed to search for a parking space.
Efficient and short routes to the parking area not only increase the satisfaction of the visitor, but also reduce the emissions during the search.

LED matrix displays combine the highest flexibility with the newest technology

The integration of the new matrix displays into our system and the new developed enclosures enable a seamless transision even into existing systems.
The ability to shift the displays, from e.g. residual space display to symbols or text allows the adaptation to the respective situation in seconds.
Many customer requests that may occur after the final installation can be covered preventively.
The novel design of the displays in conjunction with the housing, is based on the modular design of our already existing products. This solution saves time in installation and configuration.

The single space sensor that covers all categories

For the single space detection we used our proven USS350e ultrasonic sensor. Again, the easy installation saves a lot of time and by using conventional telephone cables also material costs. Due to the variations of the sensor, we were able to cover all the different parking spots with colored LED signalisation. From e-charging stations, women’s parking spaces to handicapped spots.

Counting with the directional detector

Directional sensors USDS300 are beeing used, wich count the vehicles depending on their direction from the lower parking levels who are moving upwards. The benefit of ultrasonic directional detectors to induction loops is the simple installation on the ceiling above the driving lane.

Especially in places where it is not possible to cut into the ground of the parking spot, to install induction loops.
Easy to manage

The CUR Visual Control Center (VCC) parking guidance software communicates with the parking guidance components and makes the individual operating states visible in a comfortable user interface. VCC enables reservations, automated, time or event-driven interventions in the control system and monitoring of individual components. At any time you get a precise overview of the current document situation. VCC can also pass this data on to higher-level external systems or to mobile devices in the network. The software integrates the parking guidance system into existing IT infrastructures and handles the communication with connected third-party components.