USDS300 directional sensor

USDS300 directional detector


Using the correlating information and a suitable pattern-recognition process, each vehicle is able to differentiate itself from other objects. Apart from that, the two sensors enable a reliable recognition of distance and the difference between two vehicles driving closely behind one another. Two neighbouring sensors synchronise each other via a direct connection.


Using this sensor allows to surveill even parking areas without a ceiling. Especially the upper part of parking decks are often without a roof, therefore it can be difficult or even impossible to use single space detection. The USDS300 can be used as an alternative to conventionel inductive loops. So cutting the surface is not nescassary.

Installation and kit

The Sensor needs to be mounted in a height of 2 to 3 meters. Power supply can be realised with 230V or 115V AC, the data communication is setup with a serial interface or two relays.

An optional heater is available if the location is especially cold (down to -40°C).

Product information

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More Components

DC300 - interface for counting detectors

LED display

The LED display visualizes the residual space situation in the car park.

Visual Control Center

The Visual Control Center is the core of the parking guidance system. By means of the Control Center, you can block parking areas and lead arriving cars to available parking spaces.