Single Space Detection

Guide the visitors fast to their individual parking spot

License plate recognition

Per spot or on entries, for find-my-car applications

LED Displays

To guide and inform visitors

Our Strengths: Easy to install and easy to integrate

We are successfully developing and manufacturing electronic devices and components. Over time we specialized in devices for traffic engineering, like LED displays, vehicle detection sensors and parking guidance systems for car parks. In addition, our engineering know-how also covers control technology, industrial electronics and drive technology.

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With a high degree of individualization
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With a lot of innovative spirit
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And a close personal consulting

Become a partner

Our partners are building owners, architects, car park operators and everyone interested in providing efficient and trendsetting mobility in their area of responsibility.

What can CUR parking guidance system perform?

With a parking guidance system you will recieve an exact overview to any time about the current state of your parking areas.

Perfect visible LED displays, signalisation and colored single space parking sensors guide your customer and visitors to the next available parking spot. Even reservation for parking spots are possible. This feature safes time and stress for the driver.

A essential feature of our parking guidance system is the fully automated traffic control, with wich the system can quickly adapt to crucial situations. The system detects traffic jams and can lead the driver to less busy parking areas.

The CUR parking guidance system optimizes the use of your parking capacity and is overall very energy efficient due to the low power consumption of our LED technology.

Due to the savings of energy costs and the saved fuel of the drivers, you will immediately benefit from it.

The CUR parking guidance system can provide it’s data to city control systems, incomming traffic and or mobile devices. With our system you can integrate your project into the mobile world.

Our clients appreciate our personal way of consulting and the fair handling of partnership.