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LED displays

A lot of examples show that a car park can yield a higher rate of return than other industrial property. The requirements are professional marketing combined with a product which is well accepted by the car drivers.

To satisfy the customers and to solve these problems it is possible to use the electronic parking system. The key roll for the car driver is played by the visual part of the system: the electronic displays. They inform the driver on the streets and in the car parks about parking vacancies and how they are able to find them.
There are free space displays, text displays and arrow displays, which illustrate the traffic information.
All display types can be delivered in the standard heights but other sizes are available if desired. Virtually all details of the display are by request adaptable. I.e. size and colour of script, size of casing, etc.
One special feature of our displays is the luminous intensity, which adapts to the surrounding brightness. Day or night, inside or outside, our displays always light up to the right intensity! Apart from the display modules, you are supplied with everything needed for a complete electronic display unit, including electrical supply, control casing and mast attachment.
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