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Car park control system

At airports and stations, in shopping malls or hotels, in private estates or downtown – everywhere there is someone looking for a parking space. Car park’ managers are constantly facing increasing demands. The electronic car park system from CUR Systemtechnik helps to look for free spaces, guarantees customer satisfaction and economic efficiency.

The innovated system offers an optimal level of transparency over free spaces in the car park and shows the shortest way to the destination.
It minimizes time spent looking for spaces and the car park’s capacity can be used to it’s full.
The CUR car park system also offers economic advantages for the car park owner by:
- Using the control center to visualize the car park
- Accurate statistical analysis
- Offering simple construction and service

The car park system is based on industrial standards and therefore easy to integrate into a superior parking system. It is extremely flexible and can be integrated or enlarged at any time.
CUR car park system – innovative, flexible and customer friendly!





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